Weather Wise Kids: Can you shower during a thunderstorm?

Thunderstorm and lightnings in night over a lake with reflaction

Splish splash I was taking a bath….

Hopefully there wasn’t lightning outside. When I was little my parents would always tell me to hold off from taking a shower until the thunderstorm passed. Turns out my parents knew more about weather than I did!

You may be familiar with the phrase “when thunder roars, go indoors” but thunderstorms can still pose a threat even if you are inside.

It is dangerous to take a shower or a bath during a thunderstorm. On average, 10-20 people get struck by lightning while bathing, using facuets or handling an appliance during a storm.

Metal plumbing and the water inside are excellent conductors of electricty. So feel free to use this lesson to get out of doing the dishes on the next stormy night.


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