McIntosh County issues mandatory evacuation for all islands

MCINTOSH COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — The McIntosh County Board of Commissioners issued a state of Emergency for McIntosh County.

County offices and courts will be closed on Friday, Sept. 8.

McIntosh County Board of Commissioners has called for a mandatory evacuation for ALL islands within McIntosh County (Sapelo Island, Hird Island, Barbour Island) and special needs citizens effective at noon today Thursday.

There are no plans to close causeways to any of the islands at any time during the storm unless it is physically impossible to cross the causeways due to water.  However, should conditions warrant a closure, emergency services will no longer be available to the island’s residents and evacuation will not be possible.

Impacts from Hurricane Irma are expected to be felt in McIntosh County beginning Saturday extending through Tuesday.  As the storm gets closer to our area, impacts will continue to amplify.

Damaging winds, heavy rain, and flooding are likely.  Life threatening storm surge is possible with large destructive surf.  Dangerous rip currents and significant beach erosion is anticipated.  These weather conditions are likely to cause downed trees and power outages that could last for several days.

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