After Irma: Important info for Liberty County residents

Below is a list of important information and links for Liberty County residents following Irma. For additional information from Liberty County Emergency Management Agency, visit here or call 912-368-2201.

Please be aware the many areas of the county are still without power and debris is on many of the roadways. Residents are urged to use caution when returning home.

Please visit or call (912) 368-2201 for more information.


Home Owners Affected by Flood Waters Contact Tax Assessors Office

Any homeowners that have flood water damage need to contact the Liberty County Tax Assessors Office at 912-876-3568 for information on how to process claims.


Debris pickup and trash schedules.

Storm Debris and Trash Pickup
City of Hinesville services will begin again on THURSDAY. City Hall will be open at 8 a.m. on this day. The roadside pickup for trash will follow this schedule:
Monday and Tuesday on Thursday
Wednesday and Thursday on Friday
Friday on Friday and Saturday
Trash pickup is anticipated to return to a normal schedule on Saturday.
We will begin picking up yard debris on Monday to give residents an opportunity to return and clean.
City of Walthourville and Flemington you may take storm debris to the roadside for pickup.
All areas of unincorporated Liberty County should take storm debris to their closest convenience site. There will be no roadside pickup of storm debris in the unincorporated areas of Liberty County.

Debris Removal

Liberty County will not be collecting storm debris at curbside. Residents of the unincorporated areas should bring this material to one of the County provided collection centers. Those unincorporated residents who need assistance with collection and disposal of material may call 1-800-451-1954 in order to be placed on a list for volunteer assistance through the Crisis Clean-up Hotline. These same residents may also consider burning as an alternative disposal method. Those wishing to do so should contact the Georgia Forestry Commission at 912-884-3331 or visit for more information. City residents should contact their individual City Hall concerning debris management. Additional questions may be directed to the Liberty County Emergency Management Agency at 912-368-2201.

Click here to go back to the list of all counties in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

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