Savannah helps Senior Citizens prepare for Irma

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — As residents prepare for the possibility of Hurricane Irma, one local organization is making sure seniors are a priority before the disaster comes.

Georgia’s Yellow Dot program is set in place to help the elderly when they are in need is also beneficial during the time of a disaster. It allows senior citizens to register all of their medical information in one packet.

Since Hurricane Matthew, 378 people have signed up for the program.

A yellow sticker is given to those in the program to alert responders, allowing them to properly treat individuals in an emergency.

“It’s just a great way to have everything together and it’s really great with hurricane evacuations,” says Patti Lyons, President of Senior Citizens Inc. “Instead of all of us running around trying to make photo copies of our medical insurance — Do we have a will? And where is it? And what kind of medicine does mom take? — it’s all right there and all you have to do is grab it.”

They suggest keeping the yellow sticker in a place that is easily accessible, like on your refrigerator at home or in the glove compartment in the car.

The goal is for responders to reach individuals before they are in danger.

“The very least, it should have is the medications that they’re on, the frequency, what allergies do they have, what are their medical conditions, and how are they being treated,” Lyons says.

If you’re helping an elderly family member evacuate, make sure you have their medical information. Also, keep them moving — don’t have them sitting for long periods of time.

And make sure they are staying hydrated, with snacks and extra medication on hand.

If Savannah has to evacuate, Senior Citizen’s Inc. will remain as long as they can.

“We know that there are people depending on us and we are going to try to be in operation as long as possible,” Lyons said.

Though it is too late to sign up for the yellow dot program for Hurricane Irma, Chatham County Health Department will help.

They have a medical need registry for those who need transportation and medical assistance during a hurricane evacuation.

Sign up by calling, (912) 691-7443 or visit their website: Georgia Department of Health.

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