News 3 catches up with Savannah Salvation Army serving meals in Houston

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, many hit the road to help with the recovery. Some of those are a team of three from Savannah Salvation Army, who packed up their mobile canteen, and headed out on August 30th for a two-day drive to Houston. Dwayne Dasher is part of that team.

“What you see when you’re riding around is you see a lot of peoples’ homes, they’re just emptied out, everything is just on the sides of the street,” said Dasher, “You see people working very hard and just to know that we’re out there feeding them meals for them…some of them don’t even have electricity, so for what we’re doing we know that it’s helping.”

Dasher says his mobile canteen serves about 175 meals at lunch and about 200 at dinner. There are currently 37 mobile canteens at the Salvation Army staging area in Houston that go out every day.

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