Monday Morning Tropical Update

What we know:

  • Hurricane Watches in effect for parts of the Leeward Islands. Dangerous wind, storm surge, rough surf, rip currents and rainfall are expected within these areas
  • This major hurricane could bring direct impacts to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Rep., Haiti, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, and Cuba in the next few days

What’s still in question:

  • Unfortunately, it is still too early to determine any direct impacts from Irma on the U.S. 
  • The long term (day 6-8) is still quite uncertain, but one of three scenarios could unfold:

  1. The storm turns very quickly north thanks to an amplifying upper level jet/trough over the east and Irma gets uncomfortably close, but doesn’t make a direct hit on the southeast U.S.(but could threatens parts of the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast)
  2. A slower turn to the north/northwest and a possible hit along the Georgia or South Carolina coast.
  3. Irma misses the connection to the upper trough/jet and a landfall in Florida becomes possible (could even move as far west as the eastern Gulf of Mexico)

What you should do:

  • It is peak hurricane season and we live along the coast….A hurricane plan this time of year should always be put into place!
  • Tune into WSAV at 11am for our Hurricane Special



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