Labor Day- the people who are working this holiday

SAVANNAH, GA – In honor of Labor Day, many people enjoyed the beach, the boat or the barbecues. However, some people spent the day working, as usual.

Kyle Cocita, from the Pooler Fire Department, said, “You’re in public safety, it’s just your job to help other people so not really a day off from that.”

Labor Day, which pays tribute to workers, is one of ten federal holidays. For workers in jobs such as retail sales, cashiers, or food and service, the holiday is a day off from work. However, for officials in public safety, the day is just like any other.

“We want to work with this community to better Savannah, that’s our goal every day when we come to work,” said Corporal Hillary Nielson of the Savannah Chatham Metro Police.  

Most police officers work forty hours per week, in eight to twelve hour shifts, but this doesn’t include overtime hours for court dates, training and emergency call-outs. Fire fighters also work more than fifty hours each week.

However, one man told News 3 that working one job isn’t enough, and he’s fighting to raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars.

“I’ve made minimum-wage, you know, it’s, it’s not cool. Like right now I’m doing Uber and lift and you know, that’s the move right now, you know raise it to $15 and you know, I think that’ll make it better for everybody,” said Samuel Williams of Savannah.

Yet, no matter what the pay, many people told News 3 that they don’t mind working if they’re doing a job they love.

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