White House plans cost of Harvey relief

WASHINGTON (WSAV) – Experts estimate cleanup from Hurricane Harvey will be even more expensive than Hurricane Katrina, which caused $118 billion worth of damage.

An estimated 100,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

Because of the large impact, the White House plans to push for two disaster relief packages.

“We’ll make the first request based on the information we have now, then we’ll come back here for a second supplemental request when we have a better picture for Congress to consider,” says Tom Bossert, Homeland Security Advisor.

However, getting disaster relief through congress isn’t always easy.

Lawmakers could tie disaster relief money to other, less popular bills. But Presidential Counselor Kelly Anne Conway tells us the president doesn’t want a fight.

“We’ve seen in the past legislation where disaster relief is tied up with other matters, the President does not want that, he wants people to get the money as quickly as possible,” says Conway.

Congress returns to work on Tuesday, but it’s not yet clear when a vote on disaster relief would happen or exactly how much money would ultimately be approved.

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