FUGITIVE FILES: Armed and Dangerous Assault Suspect

“He choked her, displayed a gun to her and started hitting her with a gun and this was all in front of a child,” explained SCMPD Detective Esvin Menendez.

Thats what Eric Bowens is accused of doing to his ex-girlfriend back in July.

Now the convicted felon is charged with aggravated assault, cruelty to children, battery.. and on the run again.

“If he’s capable of doing something like this to someone he obviously still loves,” says the Detective. “Its unknown what he could possibly do to someone he doesn’t know.”

Eric Bowens is 5’4″ 145 pounds. He has two tattoos on his chest.

Bowens hangs out at the bus station on East Gwinnett street, and has lived on Harmon Creek Drive and on Joe street.

Detectives consider him armed and dangerous.

If you can help find Eric Bowens, make an anonymous call to Crimestoppers right away at (912) 234-2020.

Remember if your tip leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

If Eric Bowens is watching.

“Its better to take the necessary steps now to do whats right rather than look over your shoulder,” said the Detective. Either way, whatever he chooses to do, the consequences will catch up to him.”

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