Water Woes Won’t End when Flooding Finishes

Once the flood waters recede, experts say it’s only the beginning for houston and other cities affected by harvey.

“Extremely contaminated water, so its sewage, its stuff from fertilizer, from plants, everything thats outside is inside that water and can come in your house,” explains PJ Horseman of Rainbow International Restoration.”
“We determine that as Category 3 water.”
“Category 3 water?”
“In our world as water restoration professionals, category 3 water is the most contaiminated water.”

Thats what PJ Horseman, Vice President of Rainbow International Restoration says is in that water that folks are wading through just to get to safety.

Water that isn’t just in the streets but in people’s homes.

“This isnt a normal clean water looks like you have a hot water heater burst in your house where we can dry the structure and remove little material,explains Horseman. “There’s already going to be contaminated stuff so we have to treat everything differently.”

Treat everything like its already contaminated, which he says it could be.

“Mold begins how soon?”
“it can start between 48-72 hours”

And PJ says that means when the water goes away, everything else must go too.

“Everythng but slabs and the studs in your walls,” details Horseman. “2 by 4’s and your roof. And then everything needs to be checked. You’ll have to do an inspection from there.”

An inspection which will include a moisture meter.. anything over 17% means there’s water inside and has to be dried

And if its not done correctly.

“People tend to do it themselves,” says PJ. “Thinking they know what should be done, trying to save some money.”
“If they dont get the structure dry its just going to make it worse and worse and worse”.

And the experts say mold is a problem that doesn’t necessarily go away after chemical cleaning.

If it isn’t dried properly spores could re-form weeks or even months later when the temperatures go back up,

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