“There’s nowhere to go,” Texas woman speaks to News 3 about Harvey floodwaters

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Tropical Storm Harvey continues to dump several more inches of rain over Texas and Louisiana.

Nicole Quinn grew up in Houston and considers the city her home.

“All I could do honestly is just cry,” she said after seeing post after post on social media about the hurricane.

Now living in Savannah with her family, Quinn is working to raise awareness about the dire need for help in the city and surrounding area.

“So we can let the entire city of Savannah, the entire state of Georgia to know they need help. Not just money but actual physical things,” she said.

On Tuesday she video called her high school friend, Brenda Garcia, to check in on her.

“I just got a call from my mom, they’re evacuating. It’s really bad,” Garcia said.

Garcia lives right outside of Houston in Richmond, Texas. She says she didn’t evacuate because she didn’t have anywhere to go and feared getting flooded and stuck on a freeway.

“I think my best bet is to stay indoors, stay safe, otherwise there’s a possibility you could drown somewhere,” Garcia said.

Garcia showed Quinn just how deep the water is in her apartment complex.

“I went to go get a pack of cigarettes yesterday and the water was up to my knees. girl. I thought I was going to die,” she said.

Garcia asks the general public to help in donating, food, baby formula, clothes, and water to those in need.

“Right now it’s all about keeping people alive,” she said. This is very real disaster. That we need lots of prayers . Everyone that I’ve seen so far in the city is taking care of each other and that’s very important right now because at this time it’s not about black and white and who has this and who has that? None of that matters, especially when your life is on the line.”

To learn more about donating and helping out with relief efforts nationally and locally, click here.



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