Hurricane hound’s survival instincts brings inspiration to Texas

SINTON, Texas (KRIS/KZTV) – A resourceful dog in Sinton, Texas has won the hearts of folks worldwide.

Otis was on the loose after breaking the back screen door of his home during the most intense part of Hurricane Harvey.

His owner, Salvador Segovia, was worried he would have to break the news to his grandson Carter, who had fled to Laredo early in the day.

“My grandson told me, Grandpa, make sure you take care of Otis,” Segovia said.

Luckily, the very next day, Otis was spotted trotting along the street by Tiele Dockens, who couldn’t resist snapping a now-famous image.

“He just looked so uplifted by having that bag of food, it was just precious, it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Dockens.

“When I turned around, to my surprise here comes Otis, with a bag of dog food in his mouth, a full five-pound bag of dog food in his mouth, like ‘I’m home and I got me some provisions here,'” Segovia said.

All is well in the Segovia home now, the family insists they wouldn’t try to ride out the next hurricane, and they are grateful their family pet could inspire so many.

“I think Otis makes a point telling the people in Texas we will survive,” Salvador said.

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