Hunter AAF soldiers join Hurricane rescue efforts in Texas

Soldiers boarding the aircraft to head to Coastal Texas to help with Harvey relief efforts. [WSAV Courtney Cole]

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Forty-five soldiers from Hunter Army Airfield are making their way to Coastal Texas to join in the Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.

Members of the 63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion will help with communication efforts once they arrive in Texas.

“For us, this is game time. You can’t really come up with a better place to do it, right here in our own backward for our fellow Americans,” says Lt. Colonel Indira Rice Donegan with U.S. Hunter AAF.

The troops are specifically trained to handle domestic emergencies and are being sent with kits that will further aid emergency responders.

The kits have the capability to create a network, which will allow forces that support FEMA to use the internet, send e-mails and make phone calls.

There is no word yet on how long they will be in Texas, but they say that they are committed to staying there as long as they are needed to help.

“We have four soldiers that just went out that are from the local Texas area, and we had one in the group that left yesterday and they had family there,” says Lt. Colonel Donegan. “This is very personal and we are out there to do our absolute best and provide any support we can.”

When asked what the troops needed most from our community, Lt. Colonel Donegan asks for everyone to send prayers.

To find out more about how you can help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, visit here.

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