Savannah disaster relief organizations sending help to Texas

SAVANNAH, GA- Salvation Army and Red Cross are sending volunteers across the country to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The Salvation Army has already deployed forty-two mobile feeding kitchens, or canteens, from Arkansas and Oklahoma. Savannah Salvation Army is packing up one canteen to send a few volunteers to Texas. Volunteers will switch off every fourteen days.

Also, Red Cross has sent more than forty emergency response vehicles from nationwide, to provide shelters and comfort kits to hundreds of people. Four people left today from Savannah to help people in Louisiana as the hurricane continues to move.

Texas had sent a feeding kitchen to Savannah during Hurricane Matthew, which provided around 30,000 people with hot meals and water.

Robert Williams, a ten-year volunteer at Savannah Salvation Army, says it’s important to reciprocate.

“When we had no power, no water, no anything, they came down here and they took care of us. It’s the only right thing to do to help someone else out when they’re in that situation,” Williams exclaimed.

Fire department crews in the Savannah and low country are also gearing up to help storm victims in Texas, and they’re encouraging folks here to prepare for anything.

“This is a good time for our community to realize that this hurricane not only spun up a ltitle faster than they thought, it got bigger than anticipated,” said Randy Hunter, Captain of the Bluffton Fire Department.

Red Cross and Salvation Army are asking for donations to send more supplies and people to help.

If you would like to donate to Red Cross, click here, or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.


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