Shelter dog proves it’s never too late be chosen

HILTON HEAD, Sc. (WSAV)-  Reeva spent nearly three years in a kennel… “When I walk in, it’s usually after she’s done playing in the yard… she’ll be laying on our floor cooling off, and I say “Goodmorning, hiii,’” said Dominique Wareham a vet assistant at the Hilton Head Humane Association, “I was afraid everyone wouldn’t even watch the video ’cause it’s too squeaky.”

But she was wrong. The video taken on Reeva’s 944th day at the Hilton Head animal shelter went viral on Facebook.

“We received Facebook messages, phone calls from Canada, somebody who was in St. Louise and wanted to know if I would meet them half way with Reeva,” said Laura Tipton with Hilton Head Humane Assoc.

It may have been her smile or maybe her story… a mastiff mix found on the street– four years old, 60 lbs, with hair loss and skin allergies requiring daily medication.

“It’s very common,” said Tipton, “I can understand it, the pretty little one is easy to fall in love with, and sometimes the big, clunky one is not as easy to fall in love with.”

Milan’s been at the shelter for 8 years, found under a trailer with bullet wounds on her legs.

And Blossom is  recovering from a battle with cancer.

The Hilton Head shelter currently has 175 animals and down the street, Palmeto Animal League has 200.

“PAL is a no kill rescue organization,” said Lindsay Mohs with Palmetto Animal League, “We are able to help animals who are at risk… animals that are homeless through no fault of their own, who have been abused neglected, and essentially abandoned.”

There’s also the need for supplies to take care of them, like towels, cleaning products and food.

As part of NBC’s Clear the Shelters, PAL and many other are waving adoption fees.

And as Reeva proves—it’s never too late.

“When they walked up, I just had a funny sense that they were the right family for her,” Tipton said.

On her 950th day, Reeva got to go home to Guyton, Georgia with the family she had waited for so patiently.

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