Baseball star Darryl Strawberry encourages local students to ‘finish the race’

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Darryl Strawberry,  a former New York Mets and Yankees player,  a four-time World Series winner  and an eight-time National League all-star spoke to students of Savannah-Chatham County schools tonight.
After a few bad decisions ended his career, he is encouraging children to make better decisions today so they don’t have to pay for them tomorrow.

“My biggest advice to them is don’t ever quit,” Strawberry said. “If you quit, you may miss the journey that’s in front of you which is a life journey that we all have to take.

“But, if you give up and quit, you’ll never know that journey could turn out to be a great one for you at the end. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish the race in life, and I think so many are looking at how we start. But I want to encourage them, it’s not how you start the life, but it’s how you finish the race.”

Strawberry wants to continue to empower youth by speaking in different communities.
He also has a book coming out called “Don’t Give up on Me” that talks about his addiction.
It will be available October 16.


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