Powerball frenzy surrounds tonight’s drawing

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) –This is your last chance to win seven hundred -million dollars in the multi-state Powerball lottery. Seven Hundred -Million dollars is a lot of money and it has gotten many excited about their gambles at winning.

“I’m kind of excited about it I normally don’t do the lottery thing but you know there is a small chance you can win,” Jack Sanford said.

The chances are one in 292 million – but that doesn’t stop people from taking two dollars or more out of their pocket to change their life- forever.

“If you buy one or if you by 20 you know it’s still a chance if you by none you have zero chance,” Alex Murphy said. Murphy left work for his lunchbreak to buy three tickets hoping he will hit the jackpot. He says if he wins, “Whew I wouldn’t be going on my lunch break to buy hot dogs.”

Another person who hoping to for a chance is Shawn Green who says the last time she played the Powerball she could’ve been the lucky winner.

“I was close though. I was close one time. I had all numbers but on two different slips,” Green said.

Georgia has been quite lucky in the past. In 2011 a person in Mabelton won $166 million and another won $25 million in Decatur. In 2016 a couple won $247 million in Brookhaven.
There is one ticket that remains a mystery and is the largest amount ever to be unclaimed in Georgia- was $77 million in 2011 in Tallapoosa.

But as the jackpot increases- so does the number of people playing.There is still hope for those who play but don’t win.

  • If you win only the Powerball number or one number and the Powerball number you can win $4.
  • If you win two numbers plus the Powerball number or three numbers you can win $7.
  • If you win four numbers or three numbers plus the Powerball you can win $100.
  • If you win four numbers plus the Powerball number you can win $50,000.
  • If you win 5 numbers you can win one million dollars.
  • If you win all five number and the Powerball you hit the jackpot for seven hundred million dollars.

The drawing is August 23, if no one wins the amount will increase and the next drawing will take place on Saturday August 26. If you’re the lucky winner, remember you have 180 days to claim your prize.

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