City of Savannah cuts down 100 year old Live Oak it says was damaged by contractor

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The City of Savannah took down a bit of history Tuesday, a 47 foot Live Oak tree that was up to 47 feet tall.

Earlier this month, the city sent a Notice of Violation to Dustcom Limited, Inc. The City’s Park and Tree Department says the contractor damaged the tree’s root system in July when the company was digging a hole for a water line for a new restaurant.

Ted Buckley with City Park and Tree said he, two other city arborists and another from Florida evaluated the tree but “it couldn’t be saved.”

Buckley said the company had been fined $500 per city code but will be asked to pay up to $38,000 which includes the cost to remove the tree plus the loss of city property (the tree.)

He said another tree will be planted at the spot on Oglethorpe and Bull Streets, but the new tree with only be about 14 feet tall.

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