Barcelona residents pay tribute to victims of van attack

BARCELONA, Spain (WSAV) – Barcelona residents continue to pay tribute to the victims of the van attack that killed 13 people in central Barcelona as newspapers led with the news that the suspected driver of the van had been gunned down by police Monday afternoon.

Despite the questions that remain and the shock among local residents, many remain resolute that life must go on.

“It’s a very happy city, very kind people here, there are bad people of course but there are very, very good people here and it will recover,” says David McQueen, a Barcelona resident. “These people (attackers) can’t hurt us at all, these people can’t hurt you.”

On August 17 van careered along the packed Las Ramblas Boulevard leaving a trail of 13 dead and 120 injured from 34 countries.

After the attack, the driver escaped on foot, stabbing to death a man who was parking his car and fleeing in the vehicle. He was found about 28 miles west of Barcelona and was shot dead by authorities.

People in that small town where he was shot dead are trying to get life back to normal.


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