Annual Senior Citizen Dinner

Senior Citizen Dinner Founder

“Alma Jean McClendon”

Alma was known as a pillar in her community. She was born on October 8, 1942 in Montgomery County to the parentage of the late Erie and Eva Dell Harris Cross. On Friday, February 8, 2013 she passed away.

Alma was the Founding Coordinator and Host of The Annual Senior Citizen Dinner. 2017 marked the 25th year for the occasion and she was the 2012 Reigning Queen for the annual event (chosen by committee). She was the 2005 Homecoming Queen for the Women of Worth Organization. She catered to elderly and children, but she was a person who loved Everybody! She was known as the one person in Vidalia that would feed anyone.

Mrs. McClendon was preceded in death by her late husband, Edgar McClendon; her son, Alvin (Pop) McClendon; Sisters, the late Emma Jean Brown and Carolyn Eugene Washington. She has one brother, Mr. Allen Johnson.

Alma’s ten children will continue her legacy with the Senior Citizen Dinner. Back in 1992 was when the founder had the vision to start with these prestigious dinners. She started months in advance buying and storing goods for this event in which she cooked the entire meals herself for the first few years. Each year these dinners got bigger and bigger & more people would show up. By this time, her ten children stepped in to help purchase and prepare the meals for all the senior citizens in the community that showed up. All elderly in surrounding counties are welcome to attend!

We Love Our Senior Citizens!

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