St Andrew’s Students Turn their Eyes to the Skies

One of the only schools who stayed in session and watched the Eclipse together today was St Andrews.

Students from the Savannah campus came out to a courtyard, glasses on, to get a glimpse of the sun, moon and a lot of clouds.

But while you could only see this solar phenomenon in spurts, everyone we talked to said it was worth it.

“It’s slowly moving away sadly. Its slowly moving away a couple centimeters,” said Walker, a St Andrew’s Elementary school student. “I really enjoyed it and i hope the next generations after us can enjoy it as well.”

“it was really weird because it looked like it disappeared for a while, but we didn’t realize it was half a half.”

43:40 “i thought it was pretty amazing, it was really cool,” said Milan Iezzi.
“What was it like when you looked up?”
“It was like red and firey orange and firey red and there was a shadow over it. It was really cool. I haven’t seen anything like it.”

“We were walking over and everybody was going i cant see it i cant see it,” said Sophia, a St Andrew’s elementary student. “Then we looked up and it was the reddest thing i’ve ever seen. It was a crescent, it was blood red, it was amazing.”

The students are looking forward to the next total solar eclipse in 2045, hopefully without as many clouds.

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