President Trump plans public address tonight on Afghanistan

FORT MYER, Va. (NBC News) – President Donald Trump speaks to the American public tonight on the heels of huge anti-hate, racism, and free speech protests this weekend

It will be a rare national address where the president will focus on Afghanistan and southern Asia.

Afghanistan is the nation’s longest-running war in U.S. history. The lack of progress has frustrated the president.

Back from his working vacation, President Donald Trump will address the nation tonight to discuss U.S. strategy in Afghanistan.

The president met with his national security team at Camp David over the weekend to discuss a path forward in Afghanistan and south Asia policy.

They are being tight lipped about the outcome. “I was not willing to make significant troop lifts until we made certain we knew what is the strategy, what was the commitment going in. In that regard, the President has made a decision.” said Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

The president already increased troop size this year to 8,400 mainly acting as advisors.

Various options are on the table including increasing troop numbers again. “The real question is what is our strategy? And then when you lay out the strategy, then the troop strength question can kind of answer itself,” said Senator Tim Kaine, (D) Virginia.

“I think we should begin to leave and then I think we should reserve the opportunity and the right, with the proper basing of our forces, in the region to be able to strike,” said Governor John Kasich, (R) Ohio.

We will find out the president’s final decision tonight during his address.

His speech tonight will be from Fort Myer in Virginia – not the White House. He will be among the military in his role as commander in chief.

Edward Lawrence, NBC News.

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