Consumer Alert: Coastal Discovery Museum glasses not safe for eclipse viewing

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) – The Coastal Discovery Museum released a statement today notifying customers that the solar eclipse glasses purchased may not be safe for eclipse viewing.

The statement reads:

The Coastal Discovery Museum was notified at the last minute, this weekend, that the solar eclipse glasses that we purchased might not have been reliably tested to insure that they meet ISO standards. Although our supplier, Everything Branded, had provided us with ISO test results and a certificate, and we had followed up with them several times to ensure they were safe to use, we were only notified at the 11th hour that they did not independently test them, and cannot guarantee their safety.

Of course CDM will provide anyone who purchased glasses a full refund. We know that that is little consolation as it will be nearly impossible for anyone to acquire certified glasses at this late point in time. For this inconvenience we offer you our sincerest apologies. We recommend; however, that the glasses which were purchased or given out by CDM with our logo and the Smithsonian Affiliates logo, should not be used to observe the solar eclipse. Again, we recommend, as does our supplier, that you do not use these glasses, and that you return them to CDM for a refund. It is simply not worth the risk to your eyes to watch the eclipse with glasses that we cannot guarantee 100%.

If you’re in need of a last-minute replacement, check out this DIY craft by News 3’s Courtney Cole.

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