Trump defends Confederate statues and memorials on Twitter

WASHINGTON (NBC News) – President Trump took time Thursday morning to rail against the movement to remove what he calls “beautiful” Confederate statues and monuments.

Mr. Trump tweeted that he was sad to see America’s “history and culture” being, in his words, “ripped apart.”

He added that removing Confederate monuments would take away “beauty” from cities and they’d be “greatly missed.”

The tweets come as the movement to remove symbols of the Confederacy from cities across the country has gained momentum following the deadly white-nationalist fueled violence in Charlottesville.

Protesters in Durham, North Carolina tore down a statue commemorating Confederate veterans on Monday, and the city of Baltimore removed four Confederate statues in the overnight hours on Wednesday.

For many, the statues are symbols of racial hatred and the ugliest times in America’s history, but not everyone agrees

“I’m not sure that just removing every historical marker in America, that that heals,” said North Carolina Senator Richard Burr. “That doesn’t heal, and I think that’s a mistake to focus on those.”

Among those who say they’re not opposed is Robert E. Lee, IV, the great grandson of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

“It’s up to the people of they want to take it down take it down. I have no problems with that,” Lee said.

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