Lawmakers look into removal of Confederate statues from public spaces

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Across the country, there’s a push to remove Confederate statutes. Officials in places like North Carolina and Kentucky have said they want local monuments taken down. Some lawmakers also want to see statutes removed from public places such as U.S. Capitol.

The violent and deadly protest in Charlottesville renewed efforts to remove Confederate statutes including those here at the nation’s capital.
Inside you’ll find North Carolina’s Zebalon Vance, Alexander Hamilton-Stephens of  Georgia and leader of the Confederacy Robert E. Lee. Tourist have mixed opinions about removing them.

“The statues should definitely stay its part of American History,” said Dominic Coppola. “It’s a very telling part of American History and the people who want to remove them I don’t think they know. I don’t think they are patriots.”

But, Paul Gilliam said he wants statues removed. “I think it would be unpatriotic to keep it. Because these are people who rebelled against of country. They called themselves the confederate states of America.”

Each state is allowed two statues of notable citizens to display in the U.S. Capitol. Those statutes can be replaced if they meet certain requirements such as approval from the state’s governor.
Some say Confederate soldiers like West Virginia’s John Kenna and South Carolina’s Wade Hampton are painful reminders of our nation’s past. They say the figures should not be honored in the capitol.
“I just don’t think it should be there I think it should maybe be in a museum where history can live,” Gilliam said.
Others want these pieces of history to remain in place or added to.
“George Patton is one that is not here and has been overlooked.”

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