Drivers urged to be patient, obey safety laws as Lowcountry schools are back in session

BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) – It’s the first day of school in the Lowcountry and that means school buses are back on the road.
News3 wants to remind you of South Carolina law when school buses are stopped.
If it’s a four lane road—with two lanes going each way – only the cars going the same direction as the bus have to stop when its red lights are flashing.
If it’s a two lane road – with one lane going each way – both lanes must stop. This law ensures the safety of children that may be crossing the street.

If you do not stop, you could get a ticket of more than $1,000 and 6 points on your driving record.

If the lights are only flashing yellow, that means slow down.

It’s important to note, S.C. laws are different from Georgia laws when it comes to stopping for school buses.
In Georgia, the law states:
1) On a two lane road with cars traveling in both directions, you have to stop when the bus stops and deploys its stop arm.
2) If you’re on a multi-lane road but it does not have a median or a solid divider, vehicles traveling in both directions also have to stop when the bus stops.
3) If you’re on a divided road with an unpaved median or a solid barrier – you have to stop if you’re behind the bus. Vehicles coming the opposite direction may proceed but drivers should always do so with caution and beware that children may be crossing the road in front of you.

So, just a reminder, be patient–make sure you leave with enough time before work and be patient when driving home after work. With kids are back in school, want to make sure they’re safe to and from school.



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