UPDATE: Real estate developers withdraw zoning request in Victorian District

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — According to a spokesperson for the City of Savannah, real estate developers Del Ray Ventures  formally withdrew their request for a zoning change in the Victorian District to build a new apartment complex near Forsyth Park. With the change, the City Council will remove the re-vote on the zoning change from today’s agenda.

In a letter sent to the “Mayor and Adlermen” on Aug. 16, Delray Ventures wrote they dismissed two petitions: “1. Our petition to create a 4-R zoning district and 2. Our petition to rezone 906 Drayton Street to the 4-R zoning district.”

They added “We have listened carefully to all comments and recognize that our petitions are not supported by a majority of City Council.”

It is unclear what City Council members had decided to re-vote against the zoning plans which were approved by City Council on Aug. 3.

Delray continued the letter stating, “Although we were the potential buyers of a magnificent property located in the Victorian District, we are not the owners. We do not want a vote by City Council tomorrow to curtail future zoning or development efforts for the current owner, so we are withdrawing both of our petitions from consideration.”



SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Plans for a new apartment complex in the Victorian District are set to be reconsidered today, Aug. 17, at a 2 p.m. meeting at City Hall by Savannah City Council. This motion comes after the project was approved two weeks ago.

Savannah City Council members are expected to take a closer look at the approval of the construction of a 5-story, 114-unit apartment complex that was set to be built in the near Forsyth Park by Delray Ventures, LLC.

On Aug.3, City Council approved zoning changes to allow for the new complex to be built.  Three ‘no’ votes were voiced.

The Charlotte developer asked for changes to zoning, stating that “the current development standards for the Victorian District do not allow for sufficient density and height to promote residential development.” They say the zoning changes are needed to address the growing need for housing in the area.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) voted to recommend the denial of this request June 27.

The developer says they will work with MPC on the project valued at $20 million to build.

The building site would include Drayton, Abercorn and East Bolton streets.

Shortly after it was approved, Alderman Tony Thomas began to have second thoughts, taking to Facebook to say that he planned to call for the vote to be re-considered.
He says he wants more information about the project and to see if they can come to a compromise with the builder about how large it would be.
Many people living in the area weren’t happy when the vote was approved two weeks ago, saying it would change the feel of the neighborhood. Some were also concerned about how affordable the units would be.
It should also be noted that Mayor Pro Tem Carol Bell was not there for the 5-3 vote two weeks ago, so she could play a major role in the decision.

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