Beach re-nourishment project set to begin on Tybee Island

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — Beach-goers will soon see a lot of trucks and even more sand along a portion of Tybee Island.
The city council passed a measure to bring in about 250,000 cubic yards of sand in order to build more dunes along the beach.
Leaders say the move is imperative to help protect the area from storm surge – just in case another hurricane rolls through.

The city has been building dunes for decades, but one field on the north end of the Island was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.
Wednesday night, the city approved a half a million dollar project that will replace that dune field and fill in any gaps along the way.

Most of the project will be paid for by federal and state dollars. Tybee will pay about $60,000 dollars.
And after this project is done, another one will begin at the end of the year.
Crews will begin a beach re nourishment project where even more sand will be trucked into the Island.

“This project is important for everyone because it protects their structures, their homes their businesses if we are to have another hurricane,” says Jason Buelterman, Tybee Island Mayor.

The first phase of the Sand Dune Project begins in September, Phase Two begins in December.

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