Video: Trump campaign launches new ad targeting media, Democrats

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Trump’s campaign is launching a new political ad targeting the media and Democrats in Congress. The ad comes only seven months into the president’s first term.

But some are asking if the ad is should even exist with three years until the next presidential election.

The new 30 second ad attacks lawmakers by their faces.

Among the targets: Senators Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren.

But with only seven months into his first term, why now?

Reporter Mark Meredith asked political science professor Michael Cohen with George Washington University.

“From a campaign standpoint, there’s no reason to do this right now,” he says.

Cohen says that’s because the 2020 campaign is still way too far out. Instead Cohen says it could be an attempt to reach frustrated Trump supporters.

“It’s early, especially with what just happened over the weekend; it’s a curious timing, but when you have a President who has historically low approval ratings, like Mr. Trump does, you could see why they would try to prop up the base.”

The ad is already popping up online. But the campaign is getting push back from networks like CNN.

The cable channel is demanding the campaign remove pictures of their anchors.

The campaign calls that censorship.

Cohen says instead the network is simply following normal editorial standards.

“This one makes no sense for CNN to air because its attacking its own people.”

But the campaign says it won’t back down. It plans to push more ads out in the future. Even if there’s no presidential campaign happening anytime soon.

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