Too hot to read: Bluffton Library just one of many county buildings to get new AC

BLUFFTON, Sc. (WSAV) – Libraries are full of comedies, memoirs and fairy tales… but there’s a drama playing out at the Bluffton Library.

“You can feel the humidity when you walk in, it’s very, very hot in there,” said Linda Kreisel, “It makes you uncomfortable.”

“Friday it was so hot, I didn’t even have time to look through the stacks to find what I was looking for,” said Linda Marean.

Staff members say the air conditioning unit has been in and out for more than two years.

“The children’s librarian will be in shorts with her hair up in a ponytail,” said Paula Mercer, “We’ll make a point to wear shorts and no makeup, so it doesn’t melt off while we’re sitting in the library.”

Betty Haddad comes every month for her book club and said air conditioning needs to be a priority. “The majority of the people that do attend this day group are in the senior group, are older, and they need the air conditioning,” she said.

The library isn’t the only county building that needs new AC, the courthouse and the County Administration building are also on the list.

“There are a lot of air conditioning units on county facilities that are in need of replacement,” said County Councilman Mike Covert, “They’ve been repaired and repaired and repaired, and they’ve all reached a point where they need to be replaced.”

It’s part of the multi-million dollar HVAC Renovation and Replacement plan recently passed by county council.

“The contractor that council awarded is in the middle of creating a Critical Path Method for scheduling… to get this done as quickly as possible,” Covert said.

Parents hope it’s sooner rather than later…

“Three or four homeschooling families meet here once a week and do science and art,” said Mercer, “It is very important that we have a nice cool environment to learn in.”


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