SC teachers receive tools, training to help save student’s lives

BURTON, S.C. (WSAV) – Inspired by the loss of one student in a school shooting last year, the Burton Fire Department is making efforts to implement training in schools that could help save the lives of students and teachers in the future.

A six-year-old student named Jacob Hall was killed in a school shooting in Townville, South Carolina last October. After hearing the tragic story, one Lowcountry teacher felt the need to make a change in her own classroom.

Jacob Hall & his family

“We have tornado drills, we have earthquake drills, we have fire drills, we have lockdown procedures that we follow. But in the event a shooter made it into the school, what would we do in the event we had a bleeding child in the classroom?” asks Angela Byrne, a teacher at Broad River Elementary School.

Byrne and her husband Daniel, a Burton firefighter, together came up with a potentially lifesaving tool called Jacob’s Kit.

“As a teacher and as a mother and as a grandmother, that is my first instinct to help these babies and if I have something that I can tie around an arm or a leg to help stop their bleeding, that has to be a good thing,” says Byrne.

Teachers and staff at Broad River Elementary School are the first to test it out the kits. Each Jacob’s Kit has gloves, bandages and a tourniquet that could help stop bleeding, and possibly save a life.

“You think you are prepared for emergencies, but this is good insurance to show we actually are,” says Dana Gasque, a Broad River Elementary teacher testing out the kit.

Teachers will now be prepared for the worst, with the ability to quickly aid an injured student until medical professionals arrive.

“I love the simplicity of it,” says Jaqueline Simmons, a Kindergarten teacher. “I love that its easy access, and if I can save a life, it’s wonderful.”

Broad River Elementary is the pilot school for the kits, with more schools being added soon.

Burton Fire hopes local and state funding will allow them to cover the entire Beaufort County district and eventually make the kits available statewide.

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