New battery powered by tears… even urine

Scientists in China have developed a new battery that could run on bodily fluids such as tears, sweat or even urine.

It’s one of  the biggest and latest developments to come out of Fudan University in Shanghai.  Scientists here are working to find a safer way to power wearable or implanted devices used for medical reasons.  The ones used today use lithium batteries.  A new safe battery would replace toxic chemicals with salt water.

This is especially important for medical devices that go on or inside your body.

Batteries work by storing electrical energy in chemical form.  They have three main components…  the cathode, anode and electrolyte that transfers electrons between them.  Well this electrolyte is usually a toxic or corrosive chemical, but scientists at Fudan have found a way to replace them.

One of the batteries they developed uses sodium sulfate.  This is a chemical that’s sometimes used as a laxative.  Salt water solutions can work too.  So eventually, they hope to simply use bodily fluids like sweat and blood to power the battery.  So possibly one day…  your own urine could power a medically needed battery.


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