Local students to launch weather balloon during Solar Eclipse

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Many school systems are using the arrival of the eclipse as a teaching tool, but some Wilmington Island students are going a step further.

Storm Team 3’s Ariella Scalese took a trip to the “Imagineering Lab” at St. Andrew’s School where students, like Johan, have been working on a special project for the solar eclipse coming up in just a few days.

She had to wear gloves because the oils from your skin can ruin the latex on the balloon. Every day hundreds of weather balloons are released high up into the atmosphere to gather weather data, but WSAV was invited to St. Andrew’s to learn why this one is so special.

When you hear weather balloon you think science, but students with all different specialties came together for this project.

Sydney Bacon, a student at St. Andrew’s focused on the marketing and advertising aspect of the project, you don’t have to be super “techy” and “sciency” in order to be part of a science project

But a little bit of technology and science helps a lot when taking pictures of the solar eclipse.

Johan Bregler, also a student at St. Andrew’s,  is the genius behind the technology, I’m going to use this to take pictures when the payload is in space. Whether it’s infrared or normal pictures. It will also take other types of data like air pressure and temperature.

The Total Solar Eclipse is just days away. Storm Team 3 and the students at St. Andrew’s will be keeping a close eye on the weather.

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