On the hunt for solar eclipse glasses

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The hunt for solar eclipse glasses leaves many feeling like they are searching for the best Black Friday deal in town. After checking more than ten stores, we couldn’t find them either.

We caught up with a few customers who were also having a little trouble.

“We’ve been on a hunt. I ordered them from Amazon, but we returned them because they weren’t certified,” says Leslie Gordon. “We’ve been out to Home Depot, Lowes, maybe Kroger so we’ve been around town trying to figure out where we can get them next week.”

Optometrists urge viewers to use certified glasses because of the potential risks the solar eclipse can have on your eyes.

According to Dr. Evelyn Dearing, Associate Optometrist at EnVision EyeCare, “You are at risk for Solar Retinopathy. More specifically, the Macula is involved and the Macula is the part of the eye that is responsible for our sharpest vision.”

If you stare at the eclipse without the special viewing glasses, you could cause damage to your eyes.

“You may actually wake up with a blurred spot or a blind spot in your vision and that’s from the rays essentially frying the back of the eye in that area,” says Dr. Dearing.

To ensure that your glasses are certified, you should, “make sure when you get the glasses and you’re ready to look at the eclipse, you turn away first put the glasses on then look at the eclipse,” Dr. Dearing said.

Gordon is not the only one who has had trouble ordering from Amazon or buying here in Savannah.

“We received an email today saying that the glasses from Amazon may not be making it in time. so I’ve been on the search. I tried Best Buy, Walmart, I spoke to Lowes about 20 minutes ago and they still had them, however now they do not,” Taylor Ellison said.

To help out with the goose chase, here are a few locations that have them:

  • T&A Truck Stop in Richmond Hill
  • Target in Bluffton
  • Target on Victory Drive (shipment sometime this week call the store for updates)
  • Seaside Sisters on Tybee Island

Before you invest in the glasses, try them on to make sure they are real. You should not see anything except the sun.

News 3 will continue to keep you updated on where you can find the glasses as the eclipse approaches.

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