Hundreds gather in Forsyth Park for ‘Candlelight Vigil for Charlottesville’

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A day after the nation witnessed tragedy in Charlottesville, people marched and held vigils across the country in support of the victims of Saturday’s protest.

In Savannah, the city’s chapter of Black Lives Matter and Savannah Taking Action for Resistance co-hosted a “Candlelight Vigil for Charlottesville” in Forsyth Park.

Hundreds gathered at the fountain to pray, light candles, sing and hold each other as a show of support with one common message.

“That evil and hurt and hate doesn’t have a place, especially in this town that celebrates its diversity so openly on a daily basis,” BLM spokesperson Anthony Smith said.

The show of solidarity comes after three people died as a result of Saturday’s protests, including a woman who was killed when a car barreled through a crowd.

Despite the darkness seen in Charlottesville, the crowd in Savannah continued to shine their candles as a message of light for the country to see.

“For any social disease you have to have a social remedy and you have to show that just as they did that you can be show of force as well and a show of force for love, compassion, and empathy,” Smith said.

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