Video: Georgia rapper gives injured girl service puppy

ATLANTA (CNN) — An Atlanta rapper is paying the medical bills of a little girl paralyzed after being shot.

And as Lori Wilson reports, the hip-hop artist also gave the girl another special gift:

Big Boi, is a big deal. He’s one half of Outkast.

He’s won multiple Grammys, appeared in the television hit ATL, and just released his 4th solo project.

But today he’s taking time out to help a little girl in need, a girl who’s story he saw on WSB.

Antoine “Big Boi” Patton says, “My brother saw her story that morning and was like, bro, we gotta do something for this little girl.”

Big Boi’s passions are music and the bulldogs he breeds at Pitf Fall Kennels.

He wanted to give Abriya Ellison a puppy who she quickly named.

When asked what she was going to name her puppy, Abriya Ellison, a shooting victim, says, “King!”

Abriya was shot while playing in a bounce house in April and paralyzed from the waist down.

She just finished three months of intense therapy and loved the service dogs at the hospital.

Now, she has a dog to call her own; one that mom says will help her recovery.

Her mother, Andreauna Douglas, says “She’s been asking for it for the longest, and I know that a puppy that she can take care of and now she has responsibility of it, it’s going to do nothing but help her.”

Abriya says, “I’ve been born ready for a puppy!”

“One thing that struck me about Abriya is that her energy and her spirit was just up!” says Big Boi.

Her mother says, “Now she’s going to have to walk this dog, so she’s going to have to get out here and get to walking.”

Big Boi also agreed to pay to have Abriya’s bathroom made handicap accessible.

“There’s nothing like having a companion or a service dog, something that’s therapeutic that you can love on, that can love back on you. She’s been through a lot and to see how strong she is now, that was just like oh my goodness. it’s definitely inspiring and it just touched our heart, so we’re just trying to do what we can do to help.”

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