Painting the Roads White

Los Angeles is slathering its streets in white sealant to combat the effects of climate change.  If it works, the rest of the US could be next.

It’s a $150,000 project that California is pioneering to try and cool down the blisteringly hot streets in the summer.  The project will paint some streets white , and they claim it will reduce temperatures up to 15 degrees.  See…  lighter ‘cool  pavements’ and streets reflect as much as 30 to 50 percent of the sun’s energy.  Regular asphalt, however, only reflects 10 to 20 percent.

Scientists think this could do the trick.

Since 1901-1960, the average annual temperature in the southwest has gone up by 1.56 degrees, and it’s only expected to go up even more.

Experts say cool pavements may be one of a series of useful tools for reducing heat in cities which suffer from the urban heat island effect.

So for now, the city is moving ahead a few thousand square feet of cool street at a time.  If this works, it could go nationwide.

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