Mistrial Declared in murder case of 71 year old Savannah woman

Savannah — (WSAV)

A mistrial is declared in the murder case against a 71 year old Savannah woman. Vivian Corley is charged with the murder of a 27 year old woman back in 2015.
Prosecutors have decided to try this case again in October.
They say 71 year old Corley, a grandmother, shot and killed Lorraine Manuel over a rental dispute. Defense attorneys say Corley acted in self defense.
It happened at a home off Beaumont Drive back in January of 2015. Authorities say Manuel was trying to rent the property that Corley owned and when she was turned down, Manuel went back to the property to get her personal rental information back.
Attorneys say an argument broke out between the two women and Corley shot Manuel. After 5 days of deliberations, a jury could not decide if Corley was guilty of murder.
A new trial is set for October 9th. Corley is out of jail on bond.

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