Sending kids outside to sleep

It’s a well known fact that children benefit from spending time outdoors, but a daycare has taken this to a whole new level.

A childcare center in Perth has implemented an ‘outdoor sleeping policy.’  They say statistics show children who slept outside were less prone to falling ill… a statistic taken over an 11-week period last March.

So it was during this 11-week period that less than 1 percent of the children were absent due to ‘winter-related illness.’

Director Ken Scott-Hamilton says it’s a direct result of the kids sleeping outside where  they were able to breathe fresh air instead of being stuck inside with dry, recycled air.  Ken says they also found that when older children slept outdoors they slept longer and deeper.  When the children woke up, they were significantly more refreshed, rested and rejuvenated.

Scott-Hamilton went on to say that his staff saw a significant improvement in the children’s cognitive attentiveness, alertness and awareness when they had been sleeping outdoors, compared with sleeping inside.

They will admit that 11 weeks is a relatively short amount of time, but they plan to document more.

Now it’s highly unlikely we could practice such procedures here in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry, expect for maybe a few months out of the year.  Heat… humidity… mosquitoes…  gnats….

(sources:  The West Australian, Yahoo News)

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