UPDATE: 2nd suspect arrested for violent armed robbery of GSU student

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A suspect accused of robbing, beating and kidnapping a Georgia Southern student turned himself into Statesboro police yesterday.

Twenty-three-year-old Trevon Cray is one of two men involved in the violent armed robbery of Tyler Strudgeon on August 5.

UPDATE: On Aug. 10, Statesboro Police made an announcement that a second suspect was captured.

Nathaniel James Pace, 23, was also arrested in connection to this case. He was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping.

“If he’s looking for any sort of forgiveness or any plea after turning his self in he’s not going to get it….I hope he turns him in, he’s going to do life without question,” says, Tyler Strudgeon.

After midnight, Saturday morning, two men kicked in the door of 23- year-old Tyler Strudgeon.

“It didn’t seem real, you’d never think something like this will happen to you. But as time went on the puddle of blood kept getting bigger and bigger and I thought that’s where my parents were going to find me,” Strudgeon said.

He thought they were going to leave him for dead, but Strudgeon claims they hit him with anything they could get their hands on. “There was glass, there [were] guns, there was a hammer on the table,” he continued.

After beating him, they killed his hamster. Then, they forced Strudgeon into his Jeep Wrangler with a blanket over his head. in his underwear without any shoes, taking him to the closest ATM.

Strudgeon says he was taken to the closest ATM in his underwear and without any shoes.

“I pulled into the ATM reversed with him facing the ATM. And they pulled out my money. I wanted his face on that ATM camera and that worked,” Strudgeon claims.

After withdrawing 180 dollars from his account, they weren’t finished. The two men drove him to the wooded area behind the Copper Beach Townhomes down the street.

Strudgeon thought his attackers were going to leave him to die.

“He cocked a gun, said I’m going to kill you,” Strudgeon says. “I started saying my prayers and that’s when I heard him run away.”

He then ran to a few neighbors pleading for help. When no one answered, he saw a couple in a vehicle and flagged them down.

That couple “did everything in their power to make sure I was safe and I will always be thankful,” says Strudgeon. “We will always have a connection from that night.”

According to Strudgeon’s family, he had just moved into the apartment less than two weeks ago. His parents received a call from the hospital early Saturday morning not knowing what to expect.

“Your heart sinks, you don’t know what happened,” says Sean Strudgeon, Tyler’s dad.

Strudgeon’s girlfriend, Natalie Bonnell, who is a graduate of Georgia Southern says, “This was sadistic, this was disgusting and no one should ever have to go through that.”

That night is one Strudgeon says he will always remember and he hopes for change, so other students of Georgia Southern don’t have to go through what he did.

If anyone has any information about this incident, please contact Statesboro Police Department at (912) 764-9911 or Georgia Southern Campus Police at (912) 478-5234.

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