Community steps in to stop Guyton restaurant from being evicted

GUYTON, Ga. (WSAV) – A family-owned restaurant off Highway 17 in Guyton was served an unexpected eviction notice in the beginning of August, but after gathering the community at a city council meeting they now have a chance to save their restaurant.

It’s called Southern Kafe, serving up home-style food, and their emphasis is on home.

“Me and my moms desire was to open a restaurant, we came in and we looked at the building and it wasn’t the best, but we could make it work. And that’s what we did,” said Tamela Mydell.

Tamela and Tracey Mydell opened Southern Kafe a few years ago and quickly became a neighborhood favorite, but one week ago, they got an unexpected customer.

“The City of Guyton gave us eviction notice with no explanation,” said Tracey.

The Mydells say they weren’t given a reason, but were put on the city’s meeting agenda for August 8th, so they let their customers know they would need some support.

“There were three times more people outside than inside,” said Tamela.

“We love this business. If we didn’t have this business being in Guyton, we would have nowhere to go eat,” said Guyton resident Kim Riggs.

Tamela says the reasons mentioned were that they were six months behind on rent and hadn’t signed their new lease agreement. But the Mydells say they have rent check receipts from the bank for the past year and they say the new lease is in negotiation with their lawyer and the city’s lawyer, the old one was three pages and the new one is 11.

Guyton resident Sonny Hansen was also at the meeting and said, “The town should try to do all they could to keep this business here and not drive it out.”

Guyton’s city clerk did not tell News Three what exactly the eviction notice was for, but said they were able to come to an agreement Tuesday night. The bid process will reopen and the Mydells will have an opportunity to bid and actually buy the building from the city.

“If we did not have the support from the community like we did last night, we would probably still be evicted,” said Tamela.

The timeline for the bid is not yet set, but the Mydells say people can support by coming in to the Kafe for some food and to say hi.

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