WATCH: Man caught on camera stealing furniture from Pooler store

POOLER, Ga. – Pooler Police is asking for help in identifying a man caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars worth of furniture.

Early Saturday morning, just after midnight, security footage reveals a man pulling up to the back of Finders Keepers Vintage Furniture in a pick-up truck. He then breaks the lock of a delivery trailer with an estimated $3000 worth of furniture inside. The camera then shows the man attaching the trailer to a truck and driving away.

“The fact that he came in at 12:00 at night and stole something that didn’t belong to him,” Finders Keepers Manager Lizabeth Krasley said. “It is scary.”

While the store has 14 working security cameras located inside, it does not have a security camera on the outside. It took a security camera from a gun store three downs down to catch the thief in action.

“He looked directly at the camera and when he saw the camera he went back to his truck and got a helmet on,” Krasley said. “It was heart-wrenching to think that someone thinks they are entitled to something at a local business.”

The store was open for business on Monday as a sign to customers and those responsible.

“We all want to be successful in life and for someone to steal something right behind our store is not what we’re about,” Krasley said.

Due to an ongoing investigation Pooler Police would not provide any further details on the man or the truck seen in the footage. PPD asks anyone with information to call them immediately to halt any potential further action.


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