Federal funds help programs for homeless in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Homelessness in Savannah is on the rise with 4,500 people living without a roof over their heads, according to the Chatham Savannah Authority of the Homeless.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has stepped in to help by granting the City of Savannah $600,000 in federal grants to help with homeless programs.

Two shelters, in particular, are getting help to continue assisting those who are in need.

Inner City Night Shelter, which provides food and a place for the homeless to sleep at night, will receive an additional $30,000.

Family Promises of Greater Savannah, the only homeless shelter in Savanah that does not separate a family, will receive an additional $40,000.

This money contributes to the Emergency Solutions Grants that are already provided.

According to the Executive Director of Family Promises of Greater Savannah, Katrina Bostick, “When our families come to this program typically they are at they’re lowest. So by transitioning them into the churches at night, our volunteers give them the inspiration and that hope to guess what the next day is different. It’s new and it’s a new beginning.”

This fresh start helps these families get back on their feet.

The two leading causes of homelessness is income and affordable housing. With this money, both shelters will be able to provide more of both.

According to Inner City Night Shelter, Executive Director, Yvonne Pryor, “the funds are going to be used for occupancy costs, general operations.”

She says they are happy with what they are doing, but “we can always do it better and you can always do it better when you have more finances.”

The grant money has not yet been distributed. However, the two shelter have until December 2018 to put the money to use.

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