Atlanta police, witnesses lift car off shooting victim

ATLANTA (WSB) – Atlanta police released dash camera video of the moment officers arrived on the scene of a drive-by shooting at a gas station.

The shooting happened on Wednesday in the 1900 block of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard in Northwest Atlanta.

“We arrived on the scene and it was chaos going on,” said Officer Tyrone Finney. “We started looking and there was a male pinned underneath the vehicle.”

Two people were shot and a third victim was pinned under a car.

“As soon as the shots rang out, they (the two men) got out of the car and just hit the ground, but the car was left in drive. It rolled over and hit him (the third victim) at that point,” said Officer Walter Clark. “We all came together along with the community. We all picked up the car together to get the car off the man.”

Seven officers and people who witnessed the shooting lifted the car.

The man who was pinned remains in critical condition.

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