Meat or Vegan? Take your pick.

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) — Food, food and more food.The first annual Meat vs Vegan Cook off was hosted at Natural Selections Cafe on Bull Street. Many joined to indulge in their favorite food whether it was vegan or not.

Natural Selections Vegan Chef Davida Harris, and The Painted Chef, Chef Travis Phillips, battled it out on the stove top. “I can do what he can do, and he can do what I can do but with meet,” says, Chef Harris.

The judges however, were the ones who had the final say on who was better.

Chefs brought out, shrimp and grits, barbecue pulled pork sandwiches,crab cakes, banana pudding, and bread pudding. The best part was each dish came in two versions, meat and no meat.

Comia Flynn is the mastermind behind it all she says, “it’s about being healthy and being conscious of the food she eats.”

The idea of the cook off was a challenge between the two chefs- who are also friends that enjoy each other’s cooking.

“I hope people now, can incorporate the vegan dishes into their lives,” Flynn said.

All proceeds from the cook off benefit the Coastal Center for Developmental Services.


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