Voice of the Viewer: Local business owner concerned about flooding

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A new apartment is being constructed at the intersection of East Broad Street and East Waldburg Lane, but some business owners are unhappy with the changes.

For the last 100 years, that lot has remained vacant and absorbed all water when it rains. Now, business owners say they have experienced flooding since construction began.

The owner of Oglethorpe Marble and Granite Company, Virginia Mobley, says, “I understand we have heavy rain but this is the second time in less than a month.”

Savannah experienced at least five inches of rain per hour on July 2 and July 17.

Although the storms didn’t last long, it still brought water inside one business and damaged one office.

Mobley has been here for 32 years and says she has never experienced this- even in Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and Matthew in 2016

Savannah is a city that lies at sea-level, but this area is one of the lowest points in the city. When it rains, water has nowhere to go, which is why they have four drains at the corner.

“The drains help and they work efficiently for the most part unless we have a five or six-inch rain with a high tide over the city at one time,” Mobley said.

However, the drains can’t perform the job of draining water from streets when the city has excessive rainfall. This is why businesses experience flooding.

Deputy Assitant to the City Manager, Bret Bell, says, “We’ve always had drainage issues and we always will. We’ll never solve drainage.”

Although it will never be solved, they say they are doing everything possible to keep standing water out of the city.

According to Bell, “Since 1994 the city has made 260 million dollars in drainage improvements throughout the community. The flooding situation today is much better than it was in 1999.”

The only way for it to get better is for the residents to work with the city. If a drain is clogged, unclog it. If that is not possible, call 311 and they will send someone out to ensure it is operating properly.

If you have a problem and would like WSAV to check it out, email us: storyideas@wsav.com

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