Trump invites ‘victims of Obamacare’ to White House as health care vote approaches

WASHINGTON (WSAV) – All eyes are on Capitol Hill where the Senate is expected to vote on repealing and replacing Obamacare this week.

President Trump today surrounded himself with people he calls ‘victims of Obamacare.’ Among them was Steve Finn of Morgantown, West Virginia.

Finn runs a youth facility and tells us he’s facing skyrocketing health care costs.

“Originally we were paying about 150 a month, then it went up to 500 a month overnight,” says Finn.

Trump is sharing Finn’s story and other like it from families in Ohio, South Carolina, and Illinois to convince Congress to take action.

“We as a party must fulfill that solemn promise to the voters of this country to repeal and replace,” Trump stated.

But the future of health care does not rest with the president, it rests with the Senate.

Majority leader Mitch McConnell is expected to call for a vote as early as tomorrow, but it is still not clear if he has enough Republican votes for his bill.

Democrats say they still don’t know which bill they will be voting on.

Families like the Weers from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina tell us they have their own message for Congress.

“Quit messing around with our families, quit messing around with our finances, quit making our lives, more stressful, do your job,” says Marjorie Weer.

President Trump hopes Republicans are listening and will pass a health care bill before the end of the week.

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