Tackling crime through community involvement

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – “One of the greatest organizations we’ll have there is the youth organizations in our city,” Tasha Barnes, an organizer with Save Our Youth Savannah, said.

More than 50 vendors, including local youth programs, will be at the Summer Jam event Sunday.

Those programs were a hot topic at the crime panel Wednesday hosted by the Downtown Business Association.

“We need to get on the front side of this thing to see what we can do on it and I think we got the momentum to do that, so I hoping long term we can come up with some great answers,” Mayor Eddie DeLoach, of the City of Savannah, said.

DeLoach is talking about educating kids at an early age about guns, gangs and violence.

Event organizers said Summer Jam is the perfect opportunity to meet that goal.

“This event was held to promote positivity in our community,” Barnes said. “To bring organizations, that are community-based, together to promote unity. To let kids know there is still positivity in our community.”

This is the second year for the event and organizers have been able to reach out to hundreds of kids from all areas of our city.

“If we just pull together collaboratively and make more of a difference in our city I think it will be like a domino effect,” Barnes said. “Not only in the Downtown area, but on the Eastside, Westside, the Southside. That’s what we’re promoting, unity.”

With help from some big figures.

“We’ve got great things coming from the local Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies that we’re wanting kids to know that you can have one road to go this way or the opposite way you’ll go this way,” Barnes said. “With all of the negativity there are so many kids out here who are still fightin to do what’s right.”

Because she said the violence, especially among our youth is too much.

“I get tired of seein our children dead and incarcerated,” Barnes said. “I just want to see something positive. I just want these children to know that no matter what the circumstances are today that you can do better.”

The event kicks off Sunday. It’s from 3 to 6 in the afternoon and it’s on the field right behind Hubert Middle School. They’ll have free food and they’ll be giving away back-to-school supplies and uniforms.

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