Moving & shaking into Fitness Friday with the Sankofa Dance Center of Savannah


Every Friday on The Bridge is Fitness Friday, but during the month of July, I’ve been switching it up a bit.

Instead of showing you some regular, boring moves in the gym, I’ve been exploring some non-traditional ways to shape up and lose some of those calories–all while having some fun!

This week, I’m taking you to the Sankofa Dance Center of Savannah for a high-impact, high-energy African dance class.

Tomika Boone, the Owner and Artistic Director of Sankofa Dance Center, welcomed me with open arms and helped me work up a sweat!

Press ‘Play’ to see what the class was like and if I was able to hold my own with the rest of the class!

If you enjoyed what you saw in class, you’ll definitely enjoy their show. It’s called ‘4 The Love of Dance’; the number ‘4’ symbolizes their years of success here in the Hostess City.

It’s happening this Sunday, July 23rd, at the Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church on 1008 E. Henry St. in Savannah.

The show will begin at 6:00 p.m. and tickets are $20.

If you have any questions, call: (912)-312-5353.

*If you’d like to try one of the African Dance class, they will be offered in the fall.*

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