DIY: Cooling homes without air conditioning

There are home cooling options available at hardware stores that have nothing to do with air conditioning

(SAVANNAH) The heat index is predicted to hover at dangerous levels throughout the weekend across the Coastal Empire. There are some do-it-yourself projects available to lower the temperature in your home, many of these unique ideas have nothing to do with air conditioning.  Experts with Home Depot say windows can be a huge source of unwanted heat in your home,. Assistant Merchandising Manager Steven Dickey says old windows get generate as much as thirty percent of that unwanted heat in a home. “Here in Savannah we have a lot of older homes, a lot of single-glazed windows and that’s no insulation at all really, you just have a hole in your wall. the wind is not coming through, but the heat does.” said Dickey  Window replacement is recommended for the older windows, but in the meantime, simply closing the blinds or pulling the shades will significantly cut down on the heat radiating through windows.

Fans are always a good choice but setting those ceiling fans at a counter-clockwise rotation at a higher speed can reduce in-home temperatures by four degrees. Changing your light bulbs can make a big difference in cooling your home. Dickey recommends switching from incandescent to LED bulbs to feel a cool change. “This is a sixty watt LED bulb over here and sixty watts on the incandescent uses sixty watts of power. This uses six and so it doesn’t generate any heat either, so it’s not warming up your house and just think about how many bulbs you have in your house.” Dickey said.

There are products to help you keep cool outdoors, like portable personal misters. Dickey says they’re easy to use and can even attach to a garden hose. “We have one of those little cooling fans right here, the Arctic Cove, that sits on top of a bucket and has little misters here so that it can either feed from the bucket or you can attach it to a hose and it has a battery so it can go anywhere with ya’s to keep you cool.” said Dickey.

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